Classes & Events

Dance is certainly an evolving social art form.  New styles, amalgamations, and figures are always popping up adding variety to the world of social dance.  Shiny Shoes Dance Productions is happy to do its part.  Offering classes and workshops to improve your dance skills, sharpen your talents, and bring social dance into your comfort zone.

Wednesdays at Studio II
Social Ballroom  730p- 830p
Social Dancing  830p- 930p
Six Weex Class: (all six lessons)
$50 per person (both classes $75)
$10 per person per class, both classes $15
Feb. - American Waltz/ Country Dancing
April - Swing/ Latin Dancing
June - Cha Cha/ Country Dancing
Aug. - NC 2-Step/ Country Dancing
Oct - Foxtrot/ Latin Dancing
Nov - Workshops TBA

Group Classes

American Rhythm

Country Dancing

Night Club Dancing

Special Events

The studio 

American Smooth

Ropers NIight Club

Every Friday night at Ropers NIght Club  4653 Everhart, Corpus Christi, Texas
Mix & Mingle 630p- 7p
FREE Counrty Dance Lesson 7p- 8p
Style of dance changes monthly
Jan - Friendly Waltz/ Country Waltz
Feb - Cowboy Casanova/ Two-Step
Mar - Ropers Cowboy Cha Cha
           / Tejano-Cumbia
Apr - Wanna Take you Home/ One-Step
May - Honey Bee/ Two-Step
Jun - Shake It For Me/ Country Polka
Jul - Friendly Waltz/ Country Waltz
Aug - Two-Step Schuffle/ Two-Step
Sep - Cowboy Cumbia/ Tejano-Cumbia
Oct - Wanna Take You Home/ One Step
Nov -TBA/ Two-Step
Dec - Boys Round Here/ Country Polka